Monthly tuition is calculated based on the total amount of time each dancer is in class per week. Our tuition rates start at just $37 per month.

Please contact Brooke for more info on pricing,  

    Professional costumes are ordered for each class to wear during our spring recital performance. Costumes range in price from $65-$75 per dancer, per class.

    To minimize costs, we do not wear costumes for our Christmas Showcase (all Madison + Brookings + Salem classes).  Instead, we order matching tank tops which cost $12 per dancer.

    Our Brookings, Madison and Salem dancers in our regular season classes perform in December at our annual Christmas Showcase.  The Brookings Showcase is typically held at the SDSU Performing Arts Center and the Madison and Salem Showcase is held at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse. Dancers only perform in their respective towns.


    Our Brookings, Madison, Salem and De Smet dancers in our regular season classes perform in late May/early June at our annual Spring Recital.  The Brookings Recital is typically held at the SDSU Performing Arts Center, the Madison and Salem Recital is held at the Dakota Prairie Playhouse and the De Smet Recital is held at the De Smet Event Center.  Dancers only perform in their respective towns.


    Throughout the year we schedule a few 'fun' performances at various events such as local football and basketball collegiate games, local parades, etc.  These optional performances are a chance for our dancers to show family and friends their progress throughout the year.  We're always on the lookout for additional performance opportunities- if you have a local event coming up, let us know- we'd love to perform! 

Dancers are responsible for purchasing their own attire for all camps and classes. This includes leotards, tights, shoes, etc.  Please see our dress code for more information.  For your convenience, we carry the following dance supplies in stock at our Brookings studio: ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, tights and leotards.

    10% off tuition for all immediate family members (discount applies to the second, third etc. dancer in each family; first dancer in each family is regular priced).


    We offer discounts on monthly tuition for adding a second, third, fourth, etc. class.  Please ask about our tuition rates for more info.


*Discounts apply to regular season classes only
(camps and six-week sessions are excluded).